Moulage Basics – Cream Makeup


This is a part of our Moulage series. Start with the basics, something everyone has in their moulage kit; Cream Based Makeup. Are you using it safely? Are you familiar with it? Do you know how to make it noT TRANSFER & STAIN?!?!?!?

Well take a watch and don’t forget to subscribe, like and share. P.S. a GLARING omission Thant was pointed out by the insanely talented “Sam McCormack” was to check the dates on your cream makeup. They go out of date, so stop clinging on to them! “Toss them in the bin” as she would say. Don’t put old rotten and possibly rancid makeup on anyone! Thank you Sam!

Channel details

  • 00:00 Opener
  • 01:22 Safety
  • 02:46 Palette’s are cool
  • 05:43 Cloudy Thinking
  • 07:43 Application: Do the “Dance”
  • 09:39 99% Alcohol is the solution, (to fixing and going overboard)
  • 12:21 Application: Brushes
  • 15:19 Makeup on Manikins (Whats your manikin made of)
  • 18:37 Sealing to Stop Transfer & Staining
  • 24:05 RMG – Rubber Mask Grease – Grease Paint
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