Florida Healthcare Simulation Alliance Bylaws

Revised and Adopted: March 24, 2022

Baptist Healthcare Simulation Alliance
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Article I: Name

The name of this Alliance shall be the Florida Healthcare Simulation Alliance (FHSA).

Article II: Purpose, Mission, and Vision

Section A. Purpose

To create a culture of collaborative interprofessional simulation practice across Florida Healthcare institutions that shapes the professional identities of its members.

Section B. Mission

The core mission of the Florida Healthcare Simulation Alliance (FHSA) is to promote quality healthcare simulation practices for academic and clinical environments, to improve patient safety and patient outcomes, across the state of Florida. FHSA will serve as a regional resource to facilitate collaboration, networking, development and integration of best practices for the delivery of simulation-based healthcare education. It will strive to support fledging simulation programs through direct mentorship and strengthen existing simulation programs through collaboration and shared best practices.

Section C. Vision

Empowering the State of Florida healthcare simulation community by providing education and networking opportunities.

Article III: Membership

Section A. Composition

The members of the Alliance shall be comprised of volunteers and members in healthcare simulation. The Alliance shall determine the total numbers of FHSA members required to execute its task and may expand or contract the total membership number by majority vote in a duly constituted meeting.

Section B. Member Nomination and Selection

  • In consultation the FHSA members shall nominate its representatives to the Alliance.
  • Selection for each nominated regional leader representative, the Alliance shall confirm Alliance membership by simple majority vote.

Section C. Term of office

Alliance members are elected for a two-year term, except as otherwise modified by the Alliance.

Section D. Voting Rights

Each member is entitled to one vote and may cast that vote on any matter submitted to a vote of the Alliance. Voting by proxy is not permitted.

Section E. Termination of Leadership

The Alliance board may terminate a regional leader by submitting a written notice of resignation to the Alliance chair and shall have immediate effect, unless otherwise noted or agreed upon by the member and the Alliance. The Alliance may also, by affirmative vote of two-thirds of all its members, suspend or expel a regional leader. Termination of Alliance leadership will not preclude future leadership roles.

Section F. Transfer of leadership

Alliance leadership roles may not be assigned or transferred.

Section G. Leadership Vacancy

Any vacancy within regional leadership occurring during the term of an elected leader shall be filled by an elected alternate member to fill the remainder of the term of the vacant seat.

Article IV: Officers

Section A. Officers

The officers of the Alliance shall be: chair, vice-chairperson, past-chair, secretary and other officers the Alliance may deem appropriate. All officers are elected by the entire membership of the FHSA.

  • Voting Process

    Every two years, the Past Chair will solicit separate nominations from the general membership for the Vice Chair and the Secretary positions. The Past Chair will conduct the election among the Alliance membership, with a simple majority of votes determining the Vice Chair and Secretary positions. Nominations for each position shall be conducted electronically. The nominees shall be voted on by all active members. The Alliance shall have the discretion to determine whether or not the record of voting is anonymous.

Article V: Committees

  • The Chair shall:
    • Preside at all Alliance meetings.
    • Sign all letters, reports and other communications of the Alliance.
    • Perform all duties corresponding to the office of Chair.
    • Have other such duties as are prescribed by the Alliance.
    • Serves as Chair for two years as part of a three-year commitment: two years as Chair, and then one year as Past Chair.
  • The Vice Chair shall:
    • Be selected from the Alliance Membership.
    • Represent the Chair in assigned duties.
    • Assume limited duties of the Chair in the Chair’s temporary absence.
    • Assume the full duties of the Chair in the event of a permanent vacancy occurring in the office of the Chair.
    • Assume the role of Chair after serving a two-year term as Vice Chair.
  • The Past Chair shall:
    • Serve for one year after completing the term as Chair.
    • Advise the current Chair.
    • Presides over the selection and nomination process for a new Vice Chair in order to ensure the nomination and election process is fair and equitable.
    • Serve in various capacities as directed by the Chair.
  • The Secretary shall:
    • Be responsible for maintaining the minutes at all meetings of this Alliance and of its administrative board and for other duties specified in the following rules of this Alliance.
    • Assist the Chair in maintaining order.
    • Be familiar with Alliance bylaws, parliamentary procedures and Robert’s Rules of Order.
    • Be elected by this Alliance to a two-year term.

Section B. Elections

Section A. Committee Construction

The Alliance shall have the discretion to create and end committees to address various issues pertaining to its mission. Committees shall comprise Alliance members, and the Chair shall determine the member who shall lead a committee.

Baptist Healthcare Simulation Alliance
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Article VI: Meetings

Section A. Notice

Meetings shall be called by the Chair or, in the absence of the Chair, by the Vice Chair with at least 72-hour notice, except for emergency meetings, which shall be at the discretion of the Chair.

Section B. Cancellation

The Chair or, in the absence of the Chair, the Vice Chair may cancel a meeting.

Section C. Quorum

A quorum will be called after a simple majority of members is present at a duly constituted meeting of the Alliance. A quorum is required for voting on any motions taken up at an Alliance meeting. The threshold for presence at a meeting shall be met by contemporaneous attendance by a member that is in-person or is remote (video or audio) connection to the meeting. This threshold minimum number shall be 4 members of the board or two- thirds of the total number of board members, whichever is present.

Section D. Voting

Each Alliance member shall have one vote. The Chair may call for a vote during any duly constituted meeting of the Alliance. The Chair may also call for an electronic vote outside of normal Alliance meetings where the vote serves the purpose of the Alliance. An electronic vote will require all members to vote, shall have a minimum of 48 hours of notice prior to the vote, and the vote will be recorded in the minutes of the following meeting.

Section D. Minutes

The Alliance Secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings. Minutes shall be circulated to the Alliance membership at least 48 hours in advance of Alliance meetings. Amendments to meeting minutes shall be made at the following Alliance meeting and may be approved by simple majority vote.

Section E. Procedure

All meetings of this organization shall be conducted according to the parliamentary law in Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised where they apply and are not contrary to Alliance bylaws.

Article VII: Amendments

Section A. Proposals

Amendments may be proposed to these bylaws. Such proposals are to be submitted in writing or made by motion at any Alliance meeting by any of the Alliance members. All amendment proposals shall be recorded in the meeting minutes.

Section B. Waiting Period

Proposed amendments shall be tabled a minimum of two weeks before being voted upon.

Section C. Voting

Amendments must be approved by over two-thirds of Alliance members and shall become effective immediately, unless otherwise provided for in the approved amendment.