Cleaning Tips and Tricks


In this episode, we uncrate our first manikin and start how you should always start, With cleaning. We go over some of the basic techniques and have two very special guests on to talk about some of the advanced methods of cleaning a manikin. Thank you to Amy Follmer & Sarah Rucker for joining us as our first guests! I would like to also thank Sim2Go for being our first sponsor. Find out more information about their Medication Administration system at We will be taking this manikin through the process of refurbishment, fixing what we can and what makes sense along the way. We will also have different types of episodes, from projects, tips and tricks, vendor showcases, and even a few awesome surprises along the way. I hope you will enjoy it and join us in watching our future episodes. As always, feedback is appreciated, so like, subscribe and comment. You can always send us an email to Hope to see you in the shop again soon,

David Shablak, NRP, CHSOS-A.

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